Permissible Spaces: installation



I’m interested in how this urge to mark found surfaces challenged rectangular permissible spaces. In a recent recent work I provoke an interaction between permissible and impermissible spaces for graffiti mark making. I started “framing” tags I found on a length of wooden fence surrounding an empty lot, by drawing rectangles around each graffiti with an acrylic paint marker. Written beside one of the frames was the phrase “everything in its permissible space.” I felt that I was giving the graffiti permissible space, while trespassing the impermissible. In some cases the graffitos would respond to my frames by creating clusters or overlaying their tags on my frames. Then, by posting images of the interaction on Instagram, I used the social media frame to provide an additional “permissible” space for these marks. Every “like” notification that beamed from my screen became an affirmation of acceptance from others.