New Painting Series: “Asylum Seekers No. 2″ acrylic on panel, 24″ x 36”

IMG_2188 2

I grew up on both sides of the border. I’ve been traveling the world and learning for the past 15 years, including studying calligraphy and traditional Japanese painting in Tokyo Japan. It was an amazing experience which has had innumerable influences over my artistic practice, and critical thinking.


I’ve returned to San Diego after all this time and I felt this urge, to both reconnect with my Mexican heritage, but also to examine the southern border crisis from my perspective as an immigrant to three different countries.


This series of images depicts a chain of men who have cast their fate to the treacherous deserts that run along the USA-Mexico border. Economic Immigrants or Asylum Seekers; it’s difficult to say.


There’s figures have nobility, but also a foolish disregard for personal safety and the safety of their families.

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