Disaster Magnet


By Lucas Justinien Perez

The north pole of one magnet attracts the south pole of a second magnet, while the north pole of one magnet repels the other magnet’s north pole.

Clumsy? Hardly. Drama filled life? Not Usually. I’d say I’m extremely lucky even. I’m not one of those people who interpret cancelled flights and lost phones as cosmic punishment or inauspicious probability. Shit happens. I don’t understand the science behind Murphy’s Law so I just assume things will go to plan. I’ve heard that nirvana is becoming a flame that does not flicker in the wind and I can’t imagine heavenly scoreboards and capricious referees interfering to satisfy karma. But maybe it is possible that some people attract disasters more than others. Disaster magnets.

It all started in 2001 on the roof of my dorm in Brooklyn, where I watched the second Twin Tower fall in a great puff of smoke and flying debris. Then in the summer of 2004 my Florida beachfront condo, where I was living was destroyed in hurricane Ivan, then Denis and finally Katrina; they’re called “barrier islands” for a reason. Shit was happening for sure. The 2011 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster struck when I was living in Tokyo and I wont even mention the three times guns have been pulled on me. Its hard not to see a pattern in the number of history changing disasters that occur when I move to a place (I moved to New York for the second time last year) as a peculiar magnetism.

The same polarities of a magnet, when brought together push themselves apart.

I found a way to repel monumental disasters by orienting myself towards the opposite pole. I see luck in disaster now; lucky to be alive and lucky to use these experiences as a starting place for positive growth. Of course mine is an extreme case, but this thinking is applicable to everyone. The disaster magnet needs to flip polarities; repel misfortune by morphing it into opportunity. If the flight is cancelled perhaps I was really meant to get some more reading done and if I lose my phone maybe that’s a sign I should lift my gaze and see all the luck in my life. Sometimes shit doesn’t just happen.